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6401 University Dr N, Omaha, NE 68182

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Learn how to turn your art and creations into a business. Business Librarian Isabel Soto – Luna, Creative Production Lab Supervisor Charles Fisher, and Marketing & Entrepreneurship Professor Dr. Zhihao (Max) Yu will lead you through several workshops to help you get started on a business plan that will give you the skills to market and merchandise your art giving you the opportunity to do what you love, and love what you do. All sessions will be held on Thursdays at Criss Library in room 232 at 11 A.M. 


 September 14: Word Press Basics – In this session, you will get an active walkthrough of making a bare bones website using WordPress. You will leave with the basic skills necessary to create a simple website which can be built upon to meet your individual needs.


September 21: Site Design Principles – This session will cover basic principles of web design that drives and informs clients, customers, and viewers. Based on the rubbish site attendees made during the first session and between events, you will learn how to make a site that customers want.


September 28: Introduction to Online Business – You have a site and are interested in using it as a portfolio, but also to generate buisness. This session covers using your personal site as a sales platform or seeking external sites as viable platform for sales.


All Spring sessions will be held on Thursdays at Criss Library in room 232 at 11 A.M.  Preregistration is not required.


March 21: Project Planning for Visual Arts – This session will cover the basics of identifying your product, market research, and getting ready for building on manufacturing your product for sale.


March 28: Supply Points and Breaking Even– This session will cover math and business for low volume goods makers. It will also cover essential business skills necessary to make selling your products sustainable.


April 4: Merchandising and Manufacturing –This session is a hyper-practical Q&A focus covering actual manufacturing processes and contacts necessary for creating sellable merchandise. We will go over equipment available in the Creative Production Lab and local suppliers.

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