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Spoopy Jam is back (from heck!) for another year of absurd Halloween-flavored game-development action. This time around we've got a treat for all you tricksters: the online portion of the jam and theme are live and ready for the entire month of October. That's right, spooksters: YOU HAVE A FULL MONTH TO BUILD A BRAND NEW GAME AT YOUR OWN PACE.


The last Saturday and Sunday of October we're back in-person on UNO's campus for a return to spooktastic form. That's a solid weekend together to either start and finish your bogus masterpiece of gameplay, or 48 hours of just hanging out and showcasing the fine work you've completed during spoopy season.


We welcome first time game developers! Designers, artists, musicians, programmers, voice actors, hobbyists, educators, anyone and everyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game. If video games aren't your thing or access to hardware is an issue, you're encouraged to test the waters by making a board game! To help everyone have remote access to creative software, CPL staff have compiled a list of open-source options HERE.


Anyone can participate online! In-person participants must be at least 19 years of age or a current UNO student.


For game-jam newbies: As soon as the theme is live on October 1st on, you have until the Halloween deadline to create any kind of game you want, so long as it can be uploaded to This is not a guided workshop, but a test of your new or existing design skills, and a great way to see if game design is your thing in a short low-stakes environment. The key challenge is to make a brand new game experience within the time limit and theme. Board games should make digital documentation and assets for downloadable print-and-play versions of their physical game. Video games should be compiled for download or playable online. Work alone or on a team of any size. Use discord to talk with other participants for team-building, help, or questions. Focus on making a small, complete gaming experience.


Organizers and fellow developers will be available through discord and at the in-person event to answer questions and assist with completion of your game. You are not alone!


Event Calendar


Saturday October 1st

12:00  P.M. -- Theme announced via Discord, YouTube Live, and

Saturday October 1st - Friday October 28th

Open development time.



UNO Aksarben Campus

Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) Room 158

Saturday October 29th

8am – Room opens for load-in and setup

9am – Team-building and Project Pitch Presentations

9:30am to 9:30pm – Open development time

Sunday October 30th

9am – Room opens for load-in

9am to 3pm – Final development time

3pm to 4pm – Presentation signup and prep

4pm to 6pm – Game presentations and public play


Monday October 31st

11:59  P.M. -- Online submission deadline. HALLOWEEN!

Event Details

Details inbound on the in-person development weekend. Stay tuned!

In the meantime: JOIN THE DISCORD!