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6400 South, University Drive Road North, Omaha, NE 68182 #NebraskaScholars
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The Nebraska Scholars Strategy Network's OpEd workshop will provide hands-on training for scholars who want to learn how to write and pitch compelling, research-based OpEds. We will be joined by Dominik Doemer, Director of Communications at the Scholars Strategy Network, and Cate Folsom, Nebraska Examiner’s Editor-in-chief.


Participants will learn how to craft a good lead, identify and incorporate timely news hooks, signal the author’s unique and relevant expertise, increase the likelihood of publication, and structure an OpEd for maximum impact.


Participants are asked to come prepared with an idea for an OpEd in mind and will be guided through shaping their idea into a first draft, but this is not required to engage in the workshop. Food and Beverages provided!


About the Nebraska Scholars Strategy Network

The Nebraska Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) is a chapter of the national SSN network, which connects journalists, policymakers, and civic leaders with America’s top researchers to improve policy and strengthen democracy. The chapter is led by UNO's own Lissette Aliaga Linares, Ph.D. (CAS) and Jodi Benenson, Ph.D. (CPACS).


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