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In this Human Rights Forum, UNO experts and community leaders discuss critical issues pertaining to racial justice and the right to protest. These include police brutality, redlining, and racial discrimination. The panelists will provide a historical context, legal framework, and sociopolitical implications of protests as a catalyst for racial justice in the nation and in the city of Omaha.


Join us for this discussion of important perspectives on the power of community mobilization, the demands of marginalized communities, and the importance of centering the voices of those directly affected by racial injustice. Lunch will be provided.


Panel Includes:
· Nikitah Imani, PhD, Professor of Black Studies, UNO
· Terri Crawford, JD, Instructor of Black Studies and Service Learning Academy, UNO
· Carson Holloway, PhD, Professor and Department Chair of Political Science, UNO
· Morghan Price, Vice President of the Board of Directors, Malcolm X Foundation

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