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6320 Maverick Plaza, Omaha, NE 68182

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Choosing a major can be a difficult decision, often influenced by a student's academic journeys and personal passions. In this interdisciplinary panel discussion, we invite you to embark on a unique exploration of majors, featuring esteemed professors, staff, and community members who will share how they discovered their field of choice.

Come along as we delve into their personal experiences, challenges, and the moments that shaped their paths and continue to inspire them today. Through personal anecdotes, challenges faced, and moments of inspiration, these panelists will provide a glimpse into their own academic and career journeys, demonstrating that the exploration of majors is not just a student's endeavor but a lifelong pursuit. Whether you're a student seeking exploration guidance or simply curious about the diverse pathways of academia, supply chain, or the coordination of museum exhibits, this discussion promises to offer valuable insights and inspiration.



  • Maddie Pooley: UNO Admissions
  • Dr. Steve Schulz: UNO College of Business
  • Dr. Cameron Logsdon: UNO College of Communications, Fine Arts, and Media
  • Shaquire Jones: Omaha Children's Museum


Major Exploration Week

This event is part of Major Exploration Week (Feb. 19-21). Not sure what to major in? Still trying to find a best-fit major or career you’d like to pursue? Major Exploration Week is a weeklong event dedicated to students who are exploring different careers and majors. View the full event schedule.

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