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Hosted by the University of Nebraska (NU) System, Employee Learning Week (Oct. 16-20) shines a spotlight on professional development. Each campus will present a topic in a virtual training session for employees on all campuses to share. Along with the official presentations below, campuses may have additional development opportunities scheduled. UNO's presentation is on Thursday, Oct. 19.


"How to Have Engaging and Productive Conversations"

Hosted by NU Office of the President | Opens Oct. 16


From 9 to 10 A.M. on Bridge | Register

Instructor: Colleen Huls


Your new mantra should be “By the end of this conversation, I will learn something new!” Humans are generally great at talking, but what about listening? Great relationships require a balance between the two because bad communication leads to bad relationships. With this self-paced course, you’ll take a deeper dive into the art of conversing with someone using techniques like actively listening, being brief, asking good questions, and relinquishing control of the conversation. Be prepared to be amazed!



"Supervisor 201 – Performance Management"

Hosted by UNK | Oct. 17


From 10 to 11 A.M. on Zoom | Register

Instructor: Scott Benson, Director of Human Resources


This course focuses on how to have an effective evaluation, critical conversations, setting reach goals and engaging in strategic planning and execution.



"Leading With Strength"

Hosted by UNMC | Oct. 18


From 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. on Zoom | Register

Instructor: Giovanni Jones, Manager, Employee Training and Development


In this session, you will explore how to engage more fully in daily work tasks, increase effectiveness to achieve goals and sow seeds for an inclusive workplace. 



"Find Your Focus and Defeat Distractions"

Hosted by UNO | Oct. 19


From 2 to 3 P.M. on Zoom | Register

Instructor: David Dechant, Bestcare EAP


In this session you will explore the scientific basis of attention, distraction and focus; learn how to mitigate distractions; ally tips for getting and staying focused once and for all.



"Tips for Dealing with Conflict, Chaos, and Change"

Hosted by UNL | Oct. 20


At 9 A.M. as Web Conference | Register

Instructor: Valerie Williams, EAP Counselor/Trainer


It is not hard to stop conflicts and the stress of change from escalating; the challenge is remembering to stay centered in compassionate self-awareness and a collaborative mindset. This presentation explores the relationship between change, chaos, and conflict with a focus on seeing them as opportunities to learn more about yourself and the other person. Tips based on neuropsychology are discussed in depth to strengthen effective coping and communication skills.

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