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The focus of the seminar series is to call for experts related to academia and research in the areas related to biomechanics, variability, motor disorders, physical therapy, and related studies.


Presentation Abstract

"Sports Biomechanics: Improving Performance and Lowering Injury Risk in Baseball Athletes"

Detailed biomechanical assessments are gaining popularity to assess injury risk and performance in the realm of athletics, specifically baseball. But how do we know if they work? Assessments specific to the baseball pitching motion suggest a balance between increased performance brought on by throwing velocity and increased injury risk, as injuries are more likely to occur when high forces and torques are repeatedly applied to vulnerable tissue. Due to the gradual onset of overuse injuries, most commonly seen in pitchers, at-risk athletes can be easily flagged when examining pitching kinematics and kinetics.


About Dr. Hamer

Dr. Hamer is a Research Associate in the Department of Biomechanics and a Co-Founder of the UNO Pitching Lab. His research mainly focuses on the development and maintenance of a clinically- and biomechanically-focused baseball pitching and hitting evaluation aimed at monitoring individual performance and injury risk over time.


Event Details

  • Derrik Kerns
  • Renee Sarreal
  • zainy
  • Collin Burdess

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