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The focus of the seminar series is to call for experts related to academia and research in the areas related to biomechanics, variability, motor disorders, physical therapy, and related studies.


"A Novel Electric Current Application System for Therapeutic Applications"


Presentation Abstract

Electric current has been used in the treatment of human diseases for more than 100 years in many different therapeutic areas, such as neuromuscular regeneration and rehabilitation, pain management, wound healing, and non-invasive drug delivery. Despite its long history of medical use, current clinical evidence shows that electric current-based therapy has a limited and inconsistent efficacy. For some therapeutic areas, a limiting factor is the intensity of the electric current that can be safely applied to biological tissues by conventional electrical stimulation devices. We have developed a novel electric current application system, hydrogel ionic circuit (HIC) that can apply higher current intensities to biological tissues than conventional devices without causing tissue damage. We have shown that the high-intensity current applied by our system allows us to significantly enhance the iontophoretic drug delivery efficiency and the treatment efficacy of chronic wound biofilm infections. 


About Dr. Zhao

Siwei Zhao is an Assistant Professor and a Research Scientist in the Holland Regenerative Medicine Program and the Department of Surgery at UNMC. He received his B.S. in Microelectronics and his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. He is highly motivated to pursue an interdisciplinary research career at the interface of life science and engineering. His current research interests include developing truly biologically matched electrical systems to enhance the efficacy and safety of electrical stimulation-based therapies for wound healing, nerve regeneration, pain management and drug delivery.

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