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6323 Maverick Plaza, Omaha, NE 68182
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Teams of four will compete in a real-life game of Battleship. Using canoes as your battleship, teams will try to sink the other ships using buckets of water. Each round will last five minutes, and the boat with the least amount of water is the winner.


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Event Info

  • Teams must have 4 participants
  • 4 teams compete at a time
  • The canoe with the least amount of water wins
  • Teams will use provided buckets to swamp each other’s canoes with water— no other items may be used to block or throw water
  • Throw water, not buckets
  • No physical contact between other canoes: no ramming, tipping, pushing, or grabbing
  • Hands are to be used as paddles
  • Life-jackets and helmets are optional and cannot be used as buckets
  • No bailing out of your boat is allowed—participants must stay in their canoe until swamped
  • Swamped boats and competitors must move out of the competition area immediately, without interfering with the other teams
  • Jeans of any kind are not allowed
  • Costumes must be clean
  • Participants must wear some type of swim suit



This event is part of 2023 Homecoming celebrations presented by Spirit, Tradition, and Signature Events. 
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Event Details

  • Surya Rajalakshmi Muthiah
  • Sten Smilde

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